5 Reasons Why You Need To Take Care Of Your Child’s Baby Teeth

The first groups of teeth that develop in humans are baby teeth, also known as primary teeth, temporary teeth, or milk teeth. Even if baby teeth fall out, taking care of it is very important. Most people think that newborns have no teeth but they did not know that by the time babies are born, the first 20 primary teeth already exist in the jaw. Even though some doesn’t have their first tooth till 12 or 14 months, generally in 3 months, the first to erupt is the baby’s four teeth in the front.

Like permanent teeth, a child’s baby teeth also require professional dental care, or should also be monitored at home by their parents. At any age, decay can strike, so during six months of the appearance of your child’s first tooth and by age one, it would be the most suitable time to visit the dentist. By checking tooth decays and other common dental problems, if would be a good start for your child to know good oral cleaning habits.

These are the 5 reasons why you need to take care of your child’s baby teeth:

  • They help children in chewing their food easily and properly; primary teeth or baby teeth plays an important role in our child’s health and development. By promoting good nutrition through proper chewing, they can go on eating solids without experiencing pain.
  • They help in the development of your child’s ability to speak quickly and clearly. Speaking clearly is necessary for our social and emotional development.  The right positioning of baby teeth helps in properly pronouncing. During speech formation, it prevents the tongue from straying.
  • They act as space holders in the jaws for the permanent teeth that are still growing under the gums. Some may be damaged by tooth decaying or other reasons; that’s why they are removed prematurely, leading to complication. When the permanent teeth arrives later on, teeth can drift into empty spaces which makes it hard for other teeth to find one when it is their turn to come out considering that adult teeth don’t come out at the same time. Baby teeth are the one’s maintaining the space for permanent teeth to emerge with having minimal problems due to alignment.
  • It helps in developing self-confidence – taking care of baby teeth can improve one’s appearance. Even young kids can determine ugly teeth and smiles. Which is why having good primary teeth can minimize the risk of bad breath, promote confident smiles and allow one to have much better social interactions.
  • It helps in having straighter smiles – one of its main functions is to hold an appropriate amount of space for the development of permanent teeth.  And proper allocation of teeth allows one to have a much more confident and beautiful smile.


Basically, here are the reasons why one should start taking care of their child’s teeth. It is thoroughly wrong to say that since they are considered as “milk” teeth, you won’t take care of it.