Why Should One Become A Substance Abuse Counselor?

Substance abuse counselors are on high demand, thanks to the high rates of cases of substance abuse and alcoholism being reported on a daily basis. Basically, the work of substance abuse counselor is to provide counselling services to patients with drug addiction, alcoholism or other behavioral issues such as eating disorders. One is required to be in a possession of state license before being allowed to practice as substance abuse counselor.

For one to become a substance abuse counselor, one should spend an average of 6 years in college getting their bachelor’s degree and master’s degree and about 3, 000 hours of supervised counselling sessions. However, it is important to note that the number of hours required depends on the level of education and the extent to which practical lessons were integrated in the course work. If you qualify as a substance abuse counselor, you may work in government and private schools, institutions such as Alcoholic Anonymous, rehab center and private facilities.

If you have chosen that substance abuse counselling job is what you want to do, this substance abuse counselor details will help you in arriving at an informed decision. The following are some of the reasons why one would choose to become a substance abuse counselor.

It is not easy but it is rewarding

The unfortunate thing is that many young people want to follow the path of least resistance when it comes to choosing a career path. Although it may be the case that substance abuse counseling job is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, it comes with high level of satisfaction. Sleeping at night knowing that you helped someone overcome an addiction that has been disturbing them for two decades is something you will enjoy.

Job security

We know times are difficult and folk are looking for a job with the greatest job security. Unfortunately, the modern world has almost rendered the concept of job security redundant. The good news is that substance abuse counseling job is one of the few remnants, which still has the words job security in its dictionaries. When you watch the news, you will always see cases of substance abuse. It takes a child to know that the United states is having a big problem when it comes to drugs and addiction. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job demand for substance abuse is growing at great pace.

Discover the problems below the drug net

That many people are starting to abuse drugs is not entirely a problem of the availability of drugs. It has something to do with other reasons why people abuse drugs. For instance, distress and anxiety makes people to resort to drugs to escape reality. Substance abuse counselors are trained to concentrate on the reason why people are taking drugs rather than concentrating on the act of taking the drug itself.

Career growth opportunities

Many career growth opportunities come with substance abuse counseling. The field is not saturated with professionals yet and there is a growing demand for counselling services.